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An internationally recognized haven for innovative filmmaking, * C.R.I.M. is based in Lisbon, Portugal.


We produce since 2005 feature and short fiction films, creative documentaries, television series as well as visual and performing arts projects.


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Cadavre Exquis

Video, 19 min., 2015

by 31 filmmakers


A cadavre exquis film made by the artists and filmmakers working with CRIM Each participant in a sequence of soundless moving images, between 30 and 45 seconds in duration, starting from a word or phrase at the next participant's starting point. Words / sentences are drawn from a (pre) text.

The goal was to work together and quickly create a web of ideas to be glimpsed, a collective work to be dissected, a surrealistic crime.


Tomás Baltazar · Rita Benis · Luís Brás · Carla Cabanas · Sara Caixinhas  Graça Castanheira · Philippe Costantini · Jorge Cramez e Tomé Pereira

Carolina Dias · Maria Clara Escobar · Marcelo Felix · Joana Ferreira     José Nuno Lamas · Tatiana Macedo · Isabel Machado · Susanne Malorny

Nathalie Mansoux · Sofia Marques· Isabel Dias Martins e Israel Pimenta André Gil Mata · Marta Mateus · Ana Moreira · Leonor Noivo              Inês Oliveira · Filipe Pinto · Christine Reeh · Takashi Sugimoto           Miguel Clara Vasconcelos · Jeanne Waltz 




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