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We produce since 2005 feature and short fiction films, creative documentaries, television series as well as visual and performing arts projects.


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Walking at Dawn

Documentary by Silvia Firmino

HDV, 97 min., 2012

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In the middle of the night an old man watches over a school. In the early morning he opens the doors and sweeps the floor. Children's voices from afar are singing the national anthem of Mozambique. The old man carries us to an enormous mysterious space, which will be revealed fragmentarily by encounters with its protagonists. Elvita works incessantly and fights for her rest periods with his husband. Carlos seeks a bank loan to enlarge a small sales booth and maybe finally to build a house for his family. Salim prays several times a day and teaches the Koran to children, at home his firstborn deserves a great deal of attention. Three lives moving towards the future without cutting off the calm circumstances of the present.


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