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The Frog and the Girl

Short-Film by Inês Oliveira

HD, 18 min, 2018

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In the traditional story that gave rise to this film, the girl is not a princess, nor does she kiss a frog. The girl is a hard-working, honest washerwoman, albeit she does not seem to care about keeping her promises.


The film is set today. Or at least, its beginning. The laundromat is closed, and our girl is about to enter a washhouse in the neighborhood of Madragoa, in the heart of Lisbon (do you know what a washhouse is? The girl didn't). A magical place where you wash by hand, where the only existing machine is Time...


"The Frog and the Girl" is part of a series, for kids and adults, that travels the world of traditional Portuguese tales, to cinematographically translate by the hand of different directors, a dozen stories belonging to our common imaginary.


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