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One Day at the Museum

HD, 13 x 28 min, 2011

by Luísa Homem


Spending A DAY AT THE MUSEUM is to take part in a curious story,

one that is continuously changing. Museums are no longer seen as part mausoleums, part limited access places, but rather as spaces for meeting and discovering, whose mission is complemented by the visitor’s view. Each museum is a world of its own, with exciting dynamics. These unique places preserve works and objects crucial to the understanding of our cultural identity.


A DAY AT THE MUSEUM is an invitation to visit the collections, essential works and temporary exhibitions, gardens and libraries, but also the world behind the scene: conservation studios, new purchases, patrimony and reserves, ongoing research, valuing strategies, curatorship, teams, personnel.


On every episode a specific key issue is associated to the museum, through which its identity, history, content and existence can be addressed. Drawing on a particular subject, exhibition, or art piece, our guest experts share their insights, enriching our knowledge and enabling us to perceive each museum under a new light.

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