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We produce since 2005 feature and short fiction films, creative documentaries, television series as well as visual and performing arts projects.


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FRANCISCO PERDIDO by Frederico Mesquita premieres at Curtas Vila do Conde

FRANCISCO PERDIDO by Frederico Mesquito will premiere at the National Competition of the 32nd Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival.


The film will be a part of the two following screenings:


WEDNESDAY, 17/07 at 8PM - International Competition 8 


SATURDAY, 20/07 at 3PM - National Competition 4 


On Thursday (18/07) at 04:30PM, there will also be the opportunity to find out more about the film's creative process, with the director himself, at the Meeting with Directors International Competition 8 and 9, taking place in the 'Meet the Director's Lounge (3rd Floor)'.

VULTOSOS CUMES by Diogo Salgado at the Curtas Vila do Conde's Industry Screenings

"Vultosos Cumes" by Diogo Salgado has been selected to take part in the Industry Screenings of the 32nd edition of the Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival.


With the aim of presenting 8 new Portuguese works looking for world or international premieres, the Industry Screenings are organized in collaboration with the Short Film Agency and are part of the Curtas Pro programme, aimed at the film industry.


The film will be screened on Tuesday, July 16, in a private session for programmers, distributors and other industry professionals.

NÔS DANÇA by Rui Lopes da Silva selected for Shanghai Film Festival

NÔS DANÇA by Rui Lopes da Silva will have its Asian Premiere at the Shanghai Film Festival!


The film will be screened three times, on the 16th, the 22th and the 23th of April!

Isabel Machado represents Portugal in the 25th edition of PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE, in Cannes

Isabel Machado, from *C.R.I.M., was selected by ICA - Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual to represent Portugal at the 25th edition of PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE, an initiative financially supported by the European Union's Creative Europe Media Program and the European national film promotion institutes.


With the aim of fostering international co-productions and new professional networks, the scheduled activities include pitching sessions, social events with the film industry and an extensive promotional campaign, in partnership with international trade magazines, such as Variety and Cineuropa.


After online sessions, the second part of the program is now taking place, from May 16 to 20, at the Cannes Film Festival!


Isabel Machado's participation in this initiative was supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

TIME TO GATHER by Sofia Bairrão        in TDF and CPH:DOX





13 March | 16H15 | FRIDA LIAPPA

14 March | 13H30 | TONIA MARKETAKI







17 March | 18H30 | DAGMAR TEATRET

24 March | 20H30 | DAGMAR TEATRET




The director Sofia Bairrão will accompany the film's first European Premieres!


with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

O VENTO ASSOBIANDO NAS GRUAS by Jeanne Waltz premieres in Portuguese Theatres on the 29th of February 

The third feature film by Jeanne Waltz, O VENTO ASSOBIANDO NAS GRUAS, premieres in Portuguese theatres on the 29th of February! 


An adaptation of Lídia Jorge's novel with the same name, co-produced with Switzerland (BOX Productions) and starring: Rita Cabaço, Milton Lopes, Maria Fortes, Beatriz Batarda, Isabel Muñoz
Cardoso, Clara Maciel, Rúben Garcia, João Lagarto & Romeu Runa.


Special screenings in Cinema Trindade (Porto; 10/02) and Teatro Aveirense (Aveiro; 27/02).  


Distribution: NOS Audiovisuais


More details to come!


O CONCURSO FILHO DO VENTO propõe a edição do novo videoclip do Dino D'Santiago através de imagens do filme de Jeanne Waltz "O Vento Assobiando nas Gruas" (com estreia marcada a 29 de Fevereiro de 2024).


Desperta a tua criatividade e une a música original "Filho do Vento" com a magia cinematográfica das imagens de Jeanne Waltz!


As inscrições fecharam no dia 10 de Fevereiro.
Entrega a tua montagem original até 18 de Fevereiro para poderes ganhar 1000€, um encontro com o Dino D'Santiago e bilhetes para assistir ao filme!

THE FORTUNATE ONES by Jeanne Waltz is nominated for the Prix de Soleure

THE FORTUNATE ONES by Jeanne Waltz is one of the seven nominees for the Prix de Soleure, awarded during the Solothurn Film Festival, in Switzerland.


Recognized for being one of the most prestigious film festivals of the country, it annually highlights feature films with humanist themes and captivating narratives, addressed in engaging and innovative ways.


The film will premiere on the 20th of January, followed by a second screening on the 23rd, both accompanied by the director Jeanne Waltz.

TRUTH OR DARE? by Sofia Marques      in Porto/Post/Doc

The documentary "Truth or Dare?", directed by Sofia Marques, was selected for Porto/Post/Doc! The film is programmed in the competitive section Cinema Falado and will be exhibited in Batalha Centro de Cinema. 


19 NOV | 19H00 | SALA 1

24 NOV | 21H00 | SALA 2

Two Feature Films in Mostra de Cinema em São Paulo 


by Sofia Marques


26 OCT | 18H10 | Espaço Itaú de Cinema - Frei Caneca 2

29 OCT | 19H10 | Espaço Itaú de Cinema - Frei Caneca 4


by Rui Lopes da Silva


24 OCT | 21H00 | Espaço Itaú de Cinema Augusta - Anexo 4

27 OCT | 19H00 | Circuito SPCine Lima Barreto - CCSP

28 OCT | 15H00 | Cineclube Cortina 

01 NOV | 18H00 | Circuito SPCine Olido

THE FORTUNATE ONES by Jeanne Waltz premieres in the USA

"The Fortunate Ones" (original title: "O Vento Assobiando nas Gruas"), written and directed by Jeanne Waltz, premieres in the 7th of October in Mill Valley Film Festival, in the United States of America.


The film is an adaptation of Lídia Jorge's novel "O Vento Assobiando nas Gruas" and stars Rita Cabaço as the protagonist Milene and Milton Lopes as Antonino.


Three Feature Films and One Project in Development in Doclisboa


by Sofia Marques


22 OUT | 16H45 | Culturgest


I find myself looking for you: the Luís Miguel Cintra I knew. And you look for another one, different from the image the others make of you. You say I came up with this film so that I could be with you and create a new way of engaging with you. It may be true.

— Sofia Marques


by Sofia Bairrão


21 OCT / 21H15 | Cinema São Jorge

22 OCT / 10H15 | Cinema São Jorge


Cork oaks perspire, birds whistle and ants make their way. A cycle of cork extraction in a village in central Portugal. A father and a daughter in a technological clash. A friend, a vegetable garden. The portrait of a hanging community.


by Rui Lopes da Silva


21 OUT / 18H00 / Cinema São Jorge

22 OUT / 22H00 / Cinema São Jorge 


Cape Verde has a mixture of cultures that transformed and recreated the original elements with others brought from different latitudes. Nôs Dança is a journey in search of the dances spread throughout the archipelago, from traditional rhythms to contemporary styles


by Ana Moreira

(in development)




Ana is a dancer. She lives with her parents and her brother in Póvoa de Varzim. A glimpse of her day-to-day and how it merges with her artistic practice, which expresses itself on and off stage, when her body is simultaneously a being, an instrument and a medium.

TRUTH OR DARE? by Sofia Marques in Serralves 

"Truth or Dare?" (original title: Verdade ou Consequência?), directed by Sofia Marques and featuring Luis Miguel Cintra, will have its first exhibition in the Serralves Foundation, on the 12th of September, at 22:00. The official world premiere will be in Doclisboa International Film Festival, on the 22th of October, at 16H45!


Theatre is life, as movement is life. In "Truth or Dare?", Sofia Marques sets off in search of her friend and actor Luis Miguel Cintra; and Cintra is in search of himself, both excavating the matter and memory of theatre, the matter and memory of life. At home surrounded by statuary and by his Porto, by the sea and in Spain where he was born, on a stage of light and shadow, in the films of Manoel de Oliveira or in the poems of Ruy Belo.

CARMEN TROUBLES by Vasco Araújo World Premiere @IndieLisboa 2023

poster by Sara Vicente


4.05.2023 - 19h00

6.05.2023 - 16h30

Cinema S. Jorge - Sala Manoel de Oliveira


National Competition

Anabela Moreira wins the Best Actress Film Award from the Portuguese Society of Authors

Anabela Moreira won the 2022 SPA Award for Best Actress in Film, for the role of Josefina in David Bonneville's "The Last Bath". 



Congratulations, Anabela!

Anabela Moreira wins Best Actress at Florence International Film Festival

Anabela Moreira wins this year's Best Actress Award at the 2022 Florence International Film Festival, for her leading performance as Josefina in "O ÚLTIMO BANHO". This is just one of the many accolades the actress has accumulated for her work in David Bonneville's debut film.  


Congratulations, Anabela!


The film also received an Honorable Mention Prize, awarded by the jury Silvia Novak. 

Fundação GDA's New Talent Award goes to Martim Canavarro!


Martim Canavarro was one of the big winners of Fundação GDA’s 2022 Awards for Film Actors, taking home the New Talent prize for his role as Alexandre in “O Último Banho”. In his speech, the actor thanked the film’s director, David Bonneville, as well as the whole team and his co-star Anabela Moreira for all their help and faith in his work.

Congratulations, Martim!

©Tomás Monteiro

SOA is now available on Netflix!


"SOA", directed by Raquel Castro, was one of the winners of Netflix's joint open call with the Academia Portuguesa de Cinema, whose goal was to promote and support feature films made by portuguese women directors, scriptwriters and producers.


"SOA" is now streaming worldwide on Netflix!

Anabela Moreira wins Globo de Ouro for Best Actress



In the 26th edition of the Globos de Ouro, organized by SIC and CARAS, Anabela Moreira was the great winner of the award for Best Actress in the Film Category. She was nominated for her amazing performance as the novice Josefina in David Bonneville’s “O Último Banho”.  

Congratulations, Anabela!


THE LAST BATH with 13 nominations @ The Portuguese Film Academy Awards





Thank you Academia Portuguesa de Cinema and congratulations to the whole team and all our partners!

Congratulations to the whole TEAM! Thank YOU!




PATHOS ETHOS LOGOS                          by Joaquim Pinto & Nuno Leonel @Locarno Festival del Film




PATHOS · 09.08.2021 · 14h · Rialto 1
ETHOS · 10.08.2021 · 14h · Rialto 1
LOGOS · 11.08.2021 · 14h · Rialto 1

THE LAST BATH                     @Transylvania International Film Festival

Premiere at Cinema Florin Piersic 24th of July 2021 · 18h

with the director David Bonneville and the actress Margarida Moreira


@ Santa Maria da Feira Luso-Brazilian Film Festival

Congratulations DAVID BONNEVILLE and ANABELA MOREIRA. Thanks to the whole team and to this Festival that we love to be part of.

THE LAST BATH in Cinemas with NOS

Since the 1st of July 2021:


Cinemas NOS Amoreiras Lisboa
UCI El Corte Inglês Lisboa
Cinema Trindade Porto

Cinemas NOS Alameda Porto
UCI Arrábida Gaia
Cineplace Rio Sul Seixal
Cineplace Loures Shopping
Cineplace Leiria Shopping
Cinemas NOS Oeiras Parque
Cinemas NOS Alma Shopping Coimbra

Cineplace Nova Arcada Braga
Cineplace Algarve Shopping Albufeira

THE LAST BATH - National Première @Festival Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira

THE LAST BATH · Release in Cinemas NOS

From the 1st of July 2021 in Cinemas.

THE LAST BATH - European Première      @Göteborg Film Festival


by David Bonneville


4.2.2021 - 14h00 - online


"Motherly feelings and forbidden emotions are woven together in this unique, intense and eye-catching drama about Josefina, a devoted nun who will soon make her eternal vows in Porto and her nephew, Alexandre. In the borderland between maternal care and attraction, both must face life changing decisions."


O ÚLTIMO BANHO - World Première @Tokyo International Film Festival


by David Bonneville


01.11.2020 - 11h15 - TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Screen 7
04.11.2020 - 11h05 -  TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Screen 9



SOA - World Première @IndieLisboa International Film Festival


by Raquel Castro

3/9/2020 - 18h45

CULTURGEST Grande Auditório

We are CRIM 2020

CURTIR A PELE - World Première @DocLisboa International Film Festival



by Inês Gil

National Competition
19/10 · 19h00 · Cinema S. Jorge
23/10 · 16h30 · Culturgest


The Portuguese director Aya Koretzky receives the Bildraush FilmFest Basel first Peter Liechti Award for her film "A volta ao mundo quando tinhas 30 anos (Around the World When You Were My Age)".


"In her documentary debut, Aya Koretzky reconstructs the diary of a journey around the world that her father made in 1970. The jury was happy to have the opportunity to award a prize in honour of the late filmmaker Peter Liechti for the first time. The award, which comes with a cash prize of 2000 CHF, goes to a film that demonstrates special narrative or visual courage: 'We honour a young filmmaker, who works with the poetry of the times and with intergenerational memory, and in so doing replaces sentimentality with relevance.'

CRITICS AWARD at Festival Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira for AQUAPARQUE by Ana Moreira

After being selected for 38 film festivals around the world and winning

the EUROPEAN FILM AWARD and BEST DIRECTOR PRIZE at Curtas Vila do Conde, Aquaparque wins the Critcs Award at Feira's Luso Brazilian Film Fest. Congratulatins Ana!


In the context of upcoming talent A volta ao mundo quando tinhas 30 anos by Aya Koretzky won the Bright Future Award for Best Feature Debut, and a cash prize of €10,000.

The jury on this Portuguese production: “A strong cinematic approach to an intimate and poetic journey, with a superb sound design merging perfectly with the images each and every second.”

Bravo Aya!

3 World Premières @DocLisboa International Film Festival

by Jorge Cramez
Competição Internacional
22/10 · 18h45 · Culturgest, Grande Auditório
24/10 · 16h45 · Cinema São Jorge, sala 3



by Jorge Cramez
25/10 · 21h30 · Culturgest, Grande Auditório
28/10 · 22h15 · Cinema Ideal



de Aya Koretzky
Competição Portuguesa
20/10 · 19h15 · Culturgest, Grande Auditório
23/10 · 14h00 · Culturgest, Pequeno Auditório


DRVO in Cinemas

Cinemas in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and also Amarante, Castelo Branco, Tavira, Guimarães...


More information @ Nitrato Filmes

GRBAVICA by Manel Raga Raga in Locarno

The new short-film by Manel Raga Raga is in Competition at Pardi di Domani.

A ÁRVORE by André Gil Mata is the BEST FILM in Lima Independiente

Best Film at the International Competition
Jury Members:
Alessandro Comodín (Italy), Carlota Moseguí (Spain) and Carmen Rosa Vargas (Peru)

"Por su valentía al proponer una estética radical para abordar el sin sentido de la guerra, el devenir del tiempo, y el destino inevitable de la vida, el jurado de la competencia internacional de la octava edición de Lima independiente otorgamos el premio a a mejor película del festival a DRVO, de André Gil Mata"

André Gil Mata BEST DIRECTOR AWARD IndieLisboa 2018

Congratulations André! Congratulations DRVO!

A ÁRVORE / THE TREE /DRVO by André Gil Mata opening IndieLisboa 2018

The Tree, by André Gil Mata, will be the opening screening at IndieLisboa International Film Festival. This will be the national premiere of this feature film shot in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

National Competition

26.04.2018 · 21h · Cinema S. Jorge · Sala Manoel de Oliveira
29.04.2018 ·  19h · Culturgest · Pequeno Auditório

O SAPO E A RAPARIGA / THE FROG AND THE GIRL by Inês Oliveira @IndieJunior

School sessions:

27.04. 2018 · 14h30 · Cinema S. Jorge

30.04.2018 · 14h30 · Culturgest

02.05.2018 · 14h30 · Culturgest

02.05.2018· 14h30 · Cinema S. Jorge

04.05.208 · 10h30 Cinema S. Jorge



Family Sessions:

05.05.2018 · 15h · Cinema S. Jorge

DRVO by André Gil Mata selected for Berlinale Forum


Mon    19.02.2018    16h30    CinemaxX 6 (P&I)
Wed    21.02.2018     21h30    Delphi
Fri    23.02.2018    15h00    Arsenal 1
Sat    24.02.2018    19h15    CineStar 8

Sun    25.02.2018    22h00     CinemaxX 4

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