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An internationally recognized haven for innovative filmmaking, * C.R.I.M. is based in Lisbon, Portugal.


We produce since 2005 feature and short fiction films, creative documentaries, television series as well as visual and performing arts projects.


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Verdade ou Consequência?

Truth or Dare?

Documentary by Sofia Marques

HD, 106 min., 2023


Theatre is life, as movement is life. In "Truth or Dare?", Sofia Marques sets off in search of her friend and actor Luis Miguel Cintra; and Cintra is in search of himself, both excavating the matter and memory of theatre, the matter and memory of life. At home surrounded by statuary and by his Porto, by the sea and in Spain where he was born, on a stage of light and shadow, in the films of Manoel de Oliveira or in the poems of Ruy Belo.

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